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The advantage of using the external facilitator in case of meeting, workshop or a brainstorming appears when a group needs to fully focus on the content and outcomes instead of on the structure, methods and managing discussion in the given time frame.
If you engage us as the facilitators, your employees will fully direct their energy in finding solution on the given business matter, they will get a top view on the particularities and they will keep their focus on the required goal.
Our responsibility is the accountability for the process. This might be difficult for the facilitator from organization’s internal resources, because he/she might get involved in taking responsibility for what does not fall into his rank – to be co-responsible for the outcomes and their execution in practice.
Our key role during a workshop is the following:
  • To define the basic rules and ways how the group will reach the desired goal and outcomes of the workshop.
  • To guide and support the group towards fulfilling the goal, to concentrate on it and to direct to it.
  • To provide equality of all the participants regardless their working hierarchy.
  • To ensure that a consensus has been reached, i.e. that all the attendees agree with the proposed solution and outcomes.
In the same time we are offering you moderating conferences (even bilingual) and panel discussions.
Do you find it interesting? Or are you considering annual conference and you are looking for a suitable moderator? We are ready to support you! Contact us.
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