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Do you realize or do you feel the urge to take a break, reflect on your current working or personal/team situation, and to find a different perspective on it? Or would you like to develop yourself in a specific area or topic that you wish to be improved? In such case, COACHING and BUSINESS MENTORING might be the right way for you.
When COACHING, we are working based on the G.R.O.W. Model, we combine systemic, Gestalt and NLP approaches. We use miscellaneous self-experiential forms and practical trainings. Always based on the rule “here and now” and based on what can actually help the client in the given situation.
We also use the power of BUSINESS MENTORING when developing teams and individuals, which we base on our rich professional business experience in multinational corporations (sales and marketing). We provide the mentees with sensitive guidance, patronage, sharing our best practice in order to simplify the understanding and to speed up the learning and findings in the given area.
The integral part of team or individual sessions is the development of the ability of self- reflection of the individual with the aim to maximize his/her growth. We are also providing work place shadowing, personal diagnostics and 360 Feedback.

If you are considering team or individual development in the form of coaching or mentoring, we will be pleased to guide you through it! Contact us.
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