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Cooperation with external project manager when implementing changes into organizational culture – be it developmental, strategic or operational – is suitable in the stage where the internal human resources do not have the required capacity or engagement for the desired change.
Our role is to guide you through the required change in a structured way, which in reality means the following:
  • After defining expectations and goals we will propose you the implementation plan managing the change as a project.
  • We will form a project team from internal human resources, prepare the plan of regular project activities and we will define the communication rules for the entire project.
  • We will work out the time frame of each of the project phase and we will ensure its detailed execution on time and concluding the project within the agreed budget.
You can contact us even in the phase when the transformation has already been launched in your company and you are not managing to reach the required goals.

We have significant practical experience as transformational project consultants. We are able to assess your employees and their preparedness for change and to support you in the area of resistance and emotions during the implementation phase – this all by professional and human approach.
We can provide you with INTERIM MANAGEMENT capacities, where we function as a manager of certain department/team for the defined period.

The advantage of such role is the following:
  • Setting up optimal processes and work-flow within the department and with cooperating departments;
  • Defining and implementing regular team activities and tasks leading towards the expected performance;
  • Executing human resources audit of the department (diagnostics, suggestions on further development, mentoring and coaching) and hiring new candidates based on the optimum profile;
  • Handing over fully functional department to proper manager at certain stage, so the team’s performance can be maximized.
Are you facing a specific change or a project and are you looking for a suitable partner, who can guide you through it successfully? Are you in a situation where you cannot find a suitable manager for your team? Contact us and we will be pleased to help you with optimal solution.
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