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We are convinced that the groups or individuals development of potential is mainly about the personality and professional skills of the consultant – not necessarily about the company or agency covering the development programme. Therefore, we have decided to join our long-term experience and together, we have created a partnership Collins & Fejfušová Consulting.


  • We are two experienced trainers, coaches and consultants with human approach and empathy.
  • Both we have long-lasting management experience in sales and marketing and we have successfully led a range of change projects in mid-sized and large organizations.
  • The development of teams and individuals is always based on the needs of our clients; we reflect the specifics of the developed culture and the given environment of the corporation.
  • In the same time we cooperate with larger network of other trainers and we always engage the most suitable one for the specific project.


  • Our mission is to develop the human potential meaningfully and to look for the opportunities to improve it.
  • We believe that our respectful approach, creating the safe ambience, sensitive feedback and support enable us to create the environment for organizational and individual development.
  • We are opened to share our rich business experience with others.
  • Maximizing the benefit and usefulness for our clients is in the centre of our focus.


Senior consultant, trainer, coach
We all have the choice to keep standing or to move forward. I enjoy helping those who have decided not to keep standing. I like to be a part of changes and to find out the best possible solutions.
Jana Fejfušová



Senior consultant, trainer, coach
If you are dissatisfied with your state, you can change it in two ways: either to change the conditions of your life, or to change the state of your mind. The first might not always be feasible, the latter, assuming you have the will, is possible at any time. I love to guide people through such changes.
Štěpánka Collins


Trainings and Development Workshops in management, sales, communication and leadership skills.
Individual and Team Coaching. Themed coaching using systemic, Gestalt and NLP approaches. Business Mentoring.
Efficient guidance through workshop, meeting or brainstorming towards the desired outcomes. Moderating conferences and panel discussions.
Managing change projects in the organization. Interim Management.


years of experience
hours of trainings
hours of coaching
  • Our trainings and workshops are based on interactive and experiential form.
  • Our course participants appreciate our practical focus during the training/workshop. Therefore we work mainly with practical working situations that are brought up by the attendees – we discuss them, look for the solution and practice them.
  • We create space for sharing experience and best practice, because we believe that a group has broader knowledge then a single individual.
  • And mainly we support our sessions by our own sales and management experience from multinational corporations.
  • We guide our clients towards self-reflection, self-awareness and their own commitments, because in the end, only the individual person can ultimately influence what he/she wants to do differently.
  • We take our course attendees to the “out of comfort zone” situations with respect, because we are convinced that behind this edge the process of learning and development starts.
  • Our clients receive intensive feedback from us and also from their colleagues.
  • Theories, that are inapplicable in the practical life, are not spoken by us. The theory only helps us to keep the structure and the goal of the training, and frames the understanding of the participants.


“Jana has succeeded within two years of development project in integrating our sales team, although there were age, competence and personality gaps among the team members. Thanks to her empathy, our people were not worried to open sensitive topics and to develop further. I am convinced that the success was achieved mainly thanks to her practical experience from business.”
Kamil Swaczyna, ICZ a.s. Sales Director Infrastruktura Division
„I have been working with Štěpánka and Jana in developing our sales team since 2011. I appreciate their personal and accountable approach when planning and organizing development seminars and mainly their incredible enthusiasm during the training sessions.”
Dana Bartoňová, Sales Director YIT Stavo s.r.o.
„Jana has caught my attention by her attitude when defining the development projects; she would always find solution and prepare the structure in a comprehensible and clear way, so the course participants would receive hints to apply in their practical lives. Jana can work with her and others’ emotions in the right moments; she is always positive and changes the negative approach of others into passion when meeting her and living the new experiences.”
Olga Syková, Chain Director of Northern Bohemia, Česká pošta, s.p.
„I met Štěpánka during management development programme in Česká pojišťovna. Still today, I keep remembering the series of trainings and workshops – each session was practical and highly useful for me. I recommend Štěpánka as a coach with empathetic and human way of working, as well as a person with the heart in the right place. Meet her and you will experience it by yourselves.”
Petra Doležalová, former Regional Chain Director at Česká pojišťovna a.s.
„Jana is a careful and diligent person who exactly knows what she does. I admire her for her systematic and human approach. She is very inspiring and she managed quickly to develop me in my perception by another level.”
Petra Křížová, Online marketing specialist, consultant
„With Štěpánka Collins I have accomplished several management development programmes dedicated to change management, performance management and leadership. I have always been satisfied with the quality provided and mainly with the contribution to my everyday practice. Thanks to the individual coaching she helped me to get through a difficult period of my professional and personal life.”
Jan Beneš, Branch Director ČSOB, Praha - náměstí Republiky
“I enjoyed cooperating with Jana, be it during a team workshop, or individual coaching. I have to emphasize that thanks to the last coaching session I have concluded on the further direction of my professional career. Working with Jana makes one to think hard, and thanks to her best practice examples to improve in the professional life. She is nice, natural and amusing in the same time.”
Lucie Černá, former HR specialist, SAMAK s.r.o.
“Štěpánka Collins is an expert in the area of presentation skills and she can share her knowledge in an attractive and efficient way. The professional improvement of all my colleagues who attended to her seminars was noticeable to themselves and to their supervisors.”
Dorota Dobeš Kremerová, HR manager CCC Czech, s.r.o.
“I have been cooperating with Jana in development projects for several years. Her great contribution is her ability to deal with situational atmosphere in the team and to develop the course attendees in their practical topics. She always finds a way that helps to all of the participants to develop on both, management and human level. She is a guarantee of quality training at any situation!”
Zuzana Trejdlová, Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s., Head office
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Jana Fejfušová
phone: +420 728 646 480

Štěpánka Collins
+420 775 011 966

We can provide you with our services in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other European countries.
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